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Animal Friends Ceiling Lamp

What better way to complement your Animal themed room than purchasing the Animal Friends Ceiling Lamp! Reminiscent of a beautiful flower it features an energy efficient low wattage bulb, yet still emits a decent amount ...

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Tiki Living Room Set

Redecorate your living room with these creatively carved items that can turn any boring room into a tropical party and Polynesian paradise!

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Regal Living Dining Room Set

Bring out your inner Highness with the masterful craftsmanship of the Berges Bros. Rule the world (or just decorate your dining room) with the pomp and majesty of Kings and Queens!

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Mother Brassbeard's Birdbath

Years after Captain Brassbeard had become a successful pillager and plunderer he had this new birdbath commissioned especially for his mother to make up for the one he broke in his youth. ...

Glitter and Glam Bedroom

Your Sims deserve only the finest, but try and be gracious about it. No need to need scold if your water doesn’t have bubbles.