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Haute Hacienda Kitchen- Talavera Tile Wall Mirror

The hand-crafted art style and old town charm of the Haute Hacienda Kitchen will surely add some spice to your Sims' lives.

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Ultra Stylish Towel Rack

Every bathroom needs towels? Liven up your bare wall with the Ultra Stylish Towel Rack.

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Hipsters United

So some of us are going to hang out in the loft and write some poetry. You could come along. Or not. It doesn’t really matter. We just thought that since it’s a pretty cool industrial loft,...

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Front Row Center Bedroom

Take center stage with this rockin’ bedroom set. However, don’t let your little sister catch you practicing your air-guitar skills. Her mouth is bigger than your speakers.

Olympian Physique

Have you been partying like Bacchus and now feeling the after effects? Trim that waistline and buff-up those arms at Olympian Physique. Burn calories in the Olympic sized pool and control...